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Vegetarian Korean Cuisine

Vegetarian Korean Cuisine

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  • DateJanuary, 31
  • Time11:00 - 15:00
  • FeeRs. 2900 + 18% GST
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  • Dubu Jorim (Braised Tofu)
  • Gaji mari (Eggplant Rolls)
  • Buchujeon (Garlic Chives Pancake)
  • Shiitake Gimbap ( Rice rolls with Nori and mushroom)
  • Hobak Mandu (Zucchini Dumplings)
  • Gamja Jorim (Korean Braised Potatoes)
  • Tofu Bibimbap ( Korean rice bowl topped with various vegetables and pickles)


Discover the rich colours, flavours and textures of Korea, through a vegetarian lens. If you thought Korean food was meat centric, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that Korean temple cooking is entirely plant-based, using seasonal ingredients which are mostly grown in temple grounds or harvested from fields and mountains. No meat or seafood allowed! Due to the long history of Buddhism in Korea, temple cuisine is deeply incorporated into traditional Korean cuisine. For these reasons, so many classic Korean dishes are naturally vegan (or vegetarian) or can easily be veganized.

In our upcoming class, we teach you techniques and recipes of Korean origin, that will make you reconsider why you haven’t eaten more of this cuisine in your life.


Vegetarian Korean Cuisine


Rs. 3422