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Tiramisu from scratch

Tiramisu from scratch

Class details are as follows:

  • DateApril, 29
  • Time15:00 - 17:00
  • Fee Rs. 550 + 18% GST
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Learn to make classic and Eggfree version of the tiramisu

Learn to make chocolate tiramisu

Make the savoairdi biscuits from scratch ( Eggfree and with egg version )

Learn to make homemade coffee liqueur

Learn to make the mascarpone cream mix ( Eggfree and with version )

Finally build Eggfree and classic tiramisu


When we think of a timeless Italian dessert, we think Tiramisu. This no-bake and easy-to-make coffee dessert makes for the perfect after dinner sweet treat. Master the art of whipping up Tiramisu from scratch. We will teach you how to make savoairdi biscuits from scratch (with & without egg) , homemade coffee liqueur, mascarpone cream mix (with & without egg), and how to assemble your own tiramisu at the end of the class!
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Tiramisu from scratch


Rs. 649