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Pasta Making

Pasta Making

Looking to spice up your next night out? With our date night cooking classes, you and your special someone will be at the helm of a gourmet meal designed by our professional chefs. Each of our date night cooking classes explores a different region of the world. Our chefs will design a delicious 3 course meal that highlights the unique flavors of that region. With our help, you’ll dice, chop, sauté, and grill your way to a perfectly prepared meal. And when it’s all done, you can relax and dine with some wine in our private dining area. So ditch that dinner and movie, and come create the perfect date night with us.

  • DateSeptember, 20
  • Time20:00 - 22:00
  • FeeRs. 2900 + 18% GST
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  1. Each student will make pasta dough from scratch ( Eggfree option available )
  2. Students will learn to sheet the pasta using a pasta maker
  3. Chefs will demonstrate two to three different types of pasta shapes
  4. Students can chose any of the shapes they like to prepare their pasta
  5. Students will learn the process of blanching & cooking fresh pasta
  6. Chef will demonstrate three types of sauces:  crushed tomato sauce , aglio-e -olio & creamy white sauce , students can chose from any of these sauces to make their signature pasta using vegetarian or  non-vegetarian toppings
  7. Vegetarian options: Wild mushrooms , asparagus , artichoke , baby tomatoes , spinach & other seasonal vegetables
  8. Non vegetarian options: Chicken , Bacon , Prawns
  9. Cheese options : Goats cheese , Parmesan cheese , Cream cheese
  10. Herbed garlic bread & Chefs special dessert will be served during dinner Chefs Special Dessert


Pasta Making


Rs. 3422