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Healthy Smoothies & Detox Juices

Healthy Smoothies & Detox Juices

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  • DateJanuary, 22
  • Time16:00 - 19:00
  • FeeRs. 2900 + 18% GST
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Detox Juices

  1. Lemon Turmeric Honey Detox Juice 
  2. Green Spinach Lemonade 
  3. Green Apple & Cucumber Allergy Fighting Green Juice 
  4. Morning Detox Juice 
  5. Red Zinger Breakfast Juice


  1.  Berry, Pineapple & Banana Smoothie 
  2.  Chocolate & Berry Powerhouse Smoothie 
  3.  Almond & Avocado Green Glow Smoothie 
  4.  Almond, Apricot & Honeydew Melon Smoothie 
  5.  Vitamin C Orange & Carrot Stress buster Smoothie


Juices and smoothies can be great additions to our daily food intake. They provide concentrated doses of nutrients and can help calm inflammatory responses in the body. Practitioners of functional medicine are increasingly turning to nutrient rich dietary protocols to help their patients, and many of the drinks listed here can complement a healing diet. These Smoothie & Juices is like drinking a liquid vitamin! The ingredients in this particular smoothie are carefully chosen to flood your body with nutrients, without using any speciality powders or expensive supplements. Instead, you just need a few fruits and vegetables that you may already have in your fridge


Healthy Smoothies & Detox Juices


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