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Cooking With Chicken

Cooking With Chicken

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  • DateJanuary, 12
  • Time17:00 - 20:00
  • Fee Rs. 2900 + 18% GST
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  1. Southern Fried Chicken 
  2. Barbecue Chicken Wings 
  3. Teriyaki Grilled Chicken 
  4. Chicken Cordon Bleu 
  5. Chicken Tikka 
  6. Kerala Style Chicken Popcorn
  7. Whole Roast Chicken 
  8. Chicken Potpie


One of the most versatile foods on the planet, chicken can be roasted, baked, grilled, sautéed, braised, or fried. Whether you’ve never cooked a chicken before, or you’re looking for a new twist on the same old bird, here’s the ultimate class on easy-to-prepare chicken recipes from, including grilled, baked and roast chicken.


Cooking With Chicken


Rs. 3422